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Positioned at the intersection of where supply meets demand, ConvertMedia offers publishers the opportunity to generate an additional significant revenue stream, using our Breakthrough Video Units and an optimization platform.

From quick opt-out to a range of player sizes for every situation to audio-mute on demand, optimize your site for the ultimate user experience. Here are some of our most popular outstream and instream units to generate maximum revenue.

Slider Desktop

This auto-play unit “slides in” from the bottom right corner or bottom left corner after the page is fully loaded and features a mix of content and ads.

Action when ready

The unit slides onto the page only when an ad is ready and available.

The sound you want to hear

Users have full control of the volume and an exit button to close.

S, M or L

Choose the size unit that best fits your site.

Slider Mobile

This mobile auto-play unit “slides in” from the bottom right corner or bottom left corner after the page is fully loaded.

Buck for the Bang
Play multiple ads interspersed with content.

Open When Ready
The unit will open and only play when an ad is available.

Video Playlist

A 300x600 IAB Rising Star desktop video ad unit that includes a playlist, allowing the user to select which video content they prefer to view.

Waiting Time is 0

This unit auto-plays on load, featuring a mix of content and ads.

Multiple Opportunities

The opportunity to play multiple videos and multiple ads increases revenue opportunities exponentially.

Expandable Leaderboard

A desktop video ad unit that auto-expands on timer.


In its expanded form, this unit delivers the message in a BIG way.

Viewer's Choice

Users can easily collapse the ad whenever they choose.

Video MPU Desktop

This 300x250 video format will increase engagement, response and commands higher CPMs.

Just the right size

As many publishers have already designed their sites to include an MPU unit, adding video increases revenue instantaneously within an existing framework.


Advertisers appreciate the ease with which they can repurpose TV advertising into this recognized format.

Video MPU Mobile

This 300×250 MPU unit autoplays video to quickly attract user attention.

User Control
Users can pause the ad and re-play when they are ready

Demand Management
Publishers can easily manage demand, including reporting of the mobile unit, in the ConvertMedia platform

Video Billboard

A desktop outstream video ad unit based on IAB Rising Star sizing of 970x250 that delivers high engagement and even higher CPM due to its prominence.

Upon Arrival

Users cannot miss this high impact unit as soon as they arrive to the page.

Audio Controls

Publishers decide whether audio is muted or not by default.