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Positioned at the intersection of where supply meets demand, we offer publishers the opportunity to generate an additional significant revenue stream, using our Breakthrough Video Units and an optimization platform.

Our portfolio offers a range of player sizes for every situation including controls for audio, viewability and skippability. Ads also contain an Opt Out button, allowing users to close the video ad unit, which will then not be displayed to that user for the next 30 days. We also collect textual feedback from users, so you can optimize your site for the ultimate advertiser and user experience.

Inline Desktop

Inline units embed viewable video ads within text-based publisher content. This popular category of Outstream video significantly expands the availability of premium ad inventory. A detach option lets the user scroll while completing the video view in the bottom rail.

Users can skip the ad by scrolling, or close it by clicking on the ⓧ button.

The ad pauses when out of view, making completion rates a relevant and useful metric.

Only when the user is engaged, and hovers over the ad, will sound begin to play.

When the user is ready, the unit is ready. Smart loading does not slow down the page load.

A highly visible unit, it is the first thing users see when they open the page.

A high fill rate and higher CPMs make this one of the most attractive units for publishers.

Inline Mobile

Extend the benefits of Inline units to reach mobile users when they are most engaged.

Did we mention seamless?

Once the user reaches the page, the unit plays. When the view is completed or if the user skips the ad, the player contracts and disappears.

Sound on? Sound off

Audio is muted by default and can be activated by the user.

Interstitial Desktop

A desktop video ad unit that disappears when the view is completed (after 15 seconds) or if the user skips the ad and continues to their intended content. Option to detach and turn into a slider unit if the user skips before view is completed.

Undivided attention

As the only object on the page, advertisers are the center of attention.

Free to move on

After a pre-defined number of seconds, users are free to skip the ad.

Always in demand

Interstitial units deliver a high fill rate and a high CPM.

Interstitial Mobile

Immediately after the user reaches the page, the interstitial mobile unit shows an ad for 3 seconds, then detaches into a slider.

Focused Placement

The entire page dims as the ad shows – making it the spotlight of the page.

Smooth Transition

The slider auto-plays on the bottom right or left corner for a pre-determined number of seconds, then disappears completely.


Love ‘em or hate ‘em, listicles remain popular with readers and this desktop unit is designed to play when the user is scrolling through.

Coming in at number 1

Users are already engaged with the content on the page, so listicle ads are highly viewable and performance wins every time.


Seamlessly embedded within slideshow pages, this desktop video unit auto-plays when the user swipes through.

We're ready

Slideshow ads are pre-fetched so there is no load time once the user reaches the ad.

Can't be missed

Similar to pre-roll, this is a format that users engage with high completion rates and always in view.

Page Wrap

The biggest player on the block, the Page Wrap unit plays in the top and side rails, either with or without pushdown.

It doesn’t get any bigger than this

If the user hovers over the ad for 3 seconds or if the user clicks the ad, the Page Wrap takes over the entire page. When the view is completed, or if the user skips the ad, the full-page player is closed and the page returns to its original form.

No interference call here

If the user chooses to opt-in and engage with the ad, they have a full experience. Otherwise, it does not interfere with publisher content.

Calling all sponsors!

This format is particularly successful for sponsorships, providing additional real estate to the publisher and added benefit to the advertiser.

Desktop Slider

This auto-play unit “slides in” from the bottom right corner or bottom left corner after the page is fully loaded and features a mix of content and ads.

Action when ready

The unit slides onto the page only when an ad is ready and available.

The sound you want to hear

Users have full control of the volume and an exit button to close.

S, M or L

Choose the size unit that best fits your site.

Mobile Slider

This mobile auto-play unit “slides in” from the bottom right corner or bottom left corner after the page is fully loaded.

Polite Interface
The ad plays and the user can choose to engage or continue to read the publisher content.

Coffee Break

This innovative ‘Coffee Break’ unit appears when the browser is idle and the user has stopped browsing, but the tab is still active. The unit displays non-commercial video content that is interspersed with mid-roll ads.

Front and center

By serving as a screensaver, the unit plays on the full monitor and does not compete with any other content.

With all due respect

The unit is minimized immediately when the user performs any action using the mouse or keyboard.