Interview with Robert Kelley: AEG Appreciates ConvertMedia’s High Fill Rates

This month, ConvertMedia sat down with Robert Kelley from AEG to get an inside look at their publisher business.


Robert Kelley
Account Executive,
Media Sales at AEG

ConvertMedia: Tell us a little bit about AEG’s audience and business model.

Robert Kelley: AEG is an owner and operator of live entertainment real estate across the US and the world. We operate concert venues and downtown entertainment districts. AXS, established in 2011, is the main ticketing platform for our venues. We also own When we realized the growing web traffic numbers in 2014, we brought in an experienced media sales team to build out the digital business. Ultimately, we aim to be not only the biggest ticketing providers, but also a live entertainment destination for sporting events and music concerts.

CM: How long have you been working with ConvertMedia?

RK: We began working with ConvertMedia in the summer of 2015. As we are in the process of growing out the content business, it is very valuable for us to be able to fill video demand for our partners outside of pre-roll and to demonstrate that we can still run video on our site.

CM: What are you hoping to achieve with ConvertMedia’s units and technology?

RK: No doubt that the high fill rate is a great benefit and a boost we received from ConvertMedia more than any other partner we have worked with in the category. We are also able to monetize both desktop and mobile in the US as well as international inventory in the UK and Canada.

CM: What types of video controls are most important to your site?


RK: We are in a unique situation with our commerce site as we do not want to interfere with the ticket buying process. If a user is in the process of buying a ticket, we need to make sure that they can complete that process without interference. At the same time, viewability is the number one issue these days and we want to make sure that there is a positive experience for both the advertiser as well as the user.

We aim to stay within the IAB sizes without expanding and worked with ConvertMedia to get a good-looking unit without interfering with the commerce process. We have been able to reach that balance between advertising and the e-commerce site. We have worked closely with ConvertMedia to make any necessary changes to the units to be able to hit our revenue goals while keeping the editorial team happy!

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