AdThrive Helps Bloggers Monetize Content with Video


Andy Marzka, CEO at AdThrive

ConvertMedia recently sat down with Andy, CEO at AdThrive to understand the challenges and opportunities facing bloggers seeking to monetize their content – now with outstream video advertising. AdThrive is a family company committed to helping bloggers focus on what they do best.

Tell us about AdThrive’s business model?

Our goal and passion is to help publishers make the most money possible from their site, while keeping a strong reader experience to support long-term growth. We do that through complete management of our publishers’ ad strategy and implementation. We want to handle all aspects of a long-term effective ad strategy for the publisher so that they can focus on what they do best: creating awesome content.

For our publishers, we analyze their site and their audience, then implement the ad setup that best fits their reader experience goals with an eye towards what will help their site provide value to advertisers. Our team handles everything from the strategy, to the ad ops, to actually logging into their site and installing/adjusting the ads for them. Our goal is to make ad management completely hands-off for the publishers: we do all the work on their ads and they make more money.

For our demand partners, we deliver high quality women’s audiences at scale so they can get access to specific demographics all in one place. More than that, we’re focused on providing advertisers with that they need to meet their goals, whether it be viewability, attention metrics, brand safe sites or fraud-free traffic.

The response from our publishers has been literally overwhelming, so we’ve always had a long waiting list of new publishers interested in getting onboard. This has allowed us to be choosy and only work with the highest quality sites. Our goal is to deliver long term value to both our publishers and advertisers.

Why did AdThrive start using Outstream units?

With the current and future growth in video, we want to prepare all of our publishers to have a video advertising strategy. With outstream formats, even publishers who don’t produce their own videos can still incorporate video into their ad strategy.

If creating amazing editorials is what they do best, then we want them to be able to focus on that without missing out on the great opportunities in video. Our role is to guide them in to having a strategy with video, and outstream units are a great option.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing in programmatic advertising?

Achieving transparency that allows advertisers to see the value and quality of our traffic. Most avenues of programmatic transactions still don’t provide advertisers with the full picture of the quality of inventory they’re buying. It’s not just the buy side that wants transparency though. Because of the high quality of sites we work with, we’re eager to embrace any metrics that can showcase the value of our publishers’ inventory upfront.

To us, transparency allows buyers to see the true value of our publishers’ inventory. Unfortunately, transparency right now is more of a process than a transaction and it takes time for buyers to really see the full picture of everything we have to offer.


What are you hoping to achieve with ConvertMedia’s technology?

We’re excited about being able to manage how different ad units are displayed on the site so we can balance the profitability of different ad formats with the reader experience. We’ve traditionally been very hesitant about venturing beyond standard IAB units because we don’t want to lose control of the reader experience. Our goal is always the long-term health of our publishers’ sites and we think ConvertMedia will help us guard that, while also unlocking value for our publishers.

How do you roll out new advertising opportunities to your publishers/what are the challenges in doing so?

We believe each of our publishers know their sites best and are equipped to make smart decisions about new opportunities. For us, it’s as simple as presenting the opportunities with clear, honest messaging about the pros and cons, and allowing the publishers make the call about what works for them.

Our publishers trust us because we act on behalf of their long-term best interest, even when it’s not in AdThrive’s short-term best interest. We see ourselves as guides, and part of our role is bringing the opportunities to them with as much information as possible, then supporting them and maximizing their income within their own level of comfort. The biggest challenge on our end is that when they step out and try new advertising opportunities, we have to be able to immediately give them results that show these opportunities are worthwhile.


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