Beet.TV’s Beyond the Pre-Roll: ConvertMedia’s Naveh: Dynamic Versus Fixed Real Estate, Not ‘Race To Bottom’

When it comes to selling ads, can web publishers make more money by doing less? The co-founder and CEO of ConvertMedia thinks so, citing a “race to the bottom” with fixed banner ads. Yoav Naveh, who heads the outstream video supply side platform, believes publishers became fixated on fixed banner ad placements, to the ultimate[…]

All Things Outstream – June 2016

Format in Focus: Slideshow Get the best of both worlds – increased revenue and a smooth user experience with ConvertMedia’s Inline Bundle. By combining the Inline Mid and the Inline Right Rail outstream video units, publishers optimize their revenue opportunities while delivering a quality, and less intrusive user experience. Taking advantage simultaneously of our big[…]

ConvertMedia Integrates with 11 DSP & SSP Partners

Publishers to Benefit from Outstream Video SSP Integration with TubeMogul, Rubicon Project, Videology, Eyeview and Other Industry Leaders New York, NY, June 23, 2016 – ConvertMedia, the high impact breakthrough video ad solution for publishers and a leading outstream video SSP, is pleased to announce that 11 leading DSP and RTB companies are new partners.[…]

Beet.TV’s Beyond the Pre-Roll: The Transformation of Video Advertising: Outstream Video SSP ConvertMedia Adds to Integrations

With several companies having helped popularize the format, it is testament to the growing position of so-called “out-stream” video ads that there is now a supply-side ad platform (SSP) dedicated to them. ConvertMedia is that SSP, helping publishers deploy video ad units on text web pages and sell to buyers, in 15 different variants. Read full[…]